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Elon Musk’s official acquisition of Twitter for $ 44 billion has been officially announced

Elon Muskof Twitter-i 44 billion dollars confirmed to receive. Twitter has officially confirmed this information. Thus, after the signing of the contract, Twitter will regain the status of a private company. For this reason social The sale of the network’s shares on the stock exchange has been suspended. According to the agreement reached between the parties, the shareholders who own shares of Twitter for each share 54.20$ will get. Musk first offered this price. This proposed price indicator is 1 April from the price of Twitter shares traded on the stock exchange on 38% is higher. 2 April Musk had announced that, he shares Twitter 9%obtained. And after such an announcement social shares of the network began to rise on the stock exchange. Being an independent chairman of Twitter’s board of directors Bret Taylor commented on the agreement as follows:

“Twitter’s board of directors is committed to price, confidence (Musk’s goals) and detail Elon’s proposal, focusing on funding and thoroughly evaluated. The proposed deal will bring significant revenue and we think that, This is the best way for Twitter shareholders. ” Musk shared his thoughts on this issue:

“Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy. Twitter is a digital urban environment and It discusses vital issues for the future of humanity. I am also converting the algorithms to open source code status and I want to make Twitter better than ever by improving the product with new features. It will also boost people’s confidence and eliminate spam bots and will authenticate all people. Twitter has great potential. I, the company, are on the way to unleash that potential and I look forward to working with a community of users. ”

On his Twitter account, Musk also said: “I hope so that, even the most outspoken critics of me will stay on Twitter. Because this is freedom of speech. ” The deal, which was approved by Twitter’s board of directors, is expected to be completed later this year. To do this, the agreement must be approved by Twitter’s shareholders and approved by the relevant regulatory authorities and other standard requirements must be met.

Azerbaijan news

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