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Tokayev is stepping down as chairman of the ruling party

The pro-government Adal (Honest) party announced at the congress that it would join Amanat

President of Kazakhstan Qasim Jomart Tokayev in accordance with constitutional amendments judge He resigned as chairman of the Amanat (Amanat) party. He stepped political says the way it will expand diversity.

Tokayev announced his decision at the party’s congress on April 26. March 1 judge The party was called Nur-Otan (Light of the Fatherland). This name is past president Nursultan Nazarbayevwas associated with.

President he said that, party chairmanship parliament Speaker of the lower house of the Assembly Erlan Goshanovis given to. The pro-government Adal (Honest) party announced at the congress that it would join Amanat.

January protests

JanuaryAfter mass protests in early 2000, Tokayev tried to distance himself from Nazarbayev. Among the reasons for the protests was corruption judge anger at the party, despite Nazarbayev’s resignation in 2019, there was nepotism stemming from his rule.

When the ruling party was founded in 1998, its name was Otan (Fatherland).

Nazarbayev, who has been in power for nearly 30 years, has appointed his relatives to key positions, enriching them at the expense of ordinary Kazakhs.

January many of Nazarbayev’s relatives after the protests and close allies have lost their positions in government, security agencies, and lucrative energy companies.


Azerbaijan news

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