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Uighurs migrating from Turkey to the west

Turkey is still a major country for Uyghurs. But well-known figures, such as Kazakh activist Serikjan Bilash, have moved to the United States

Chinese Uyghurs in different parts of the world and other Muslim minorities hunt with an expanding net, Middle East, South and Benefits from cooperation with Central Asian governments. RFE / RL’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty correspondent Reid Standish reports from the Great Steel Wall. Wilson Center China and A report by the Kissinger Institute in the United States warns of harassment, harassment, surveillance, and detention of Beijing’s transnational campaign. and extraditions are emphasized.

China’s global rise, multi-billion dollar Belt and Increasing its economic prestige with projects similar to the Road Initiative has given Beijing new leverage over governments as partners in its growing repression campaign.

10 five from the country…

During the investigation, 5,532 Uyghurs were threatened, 1,150 Uyghurs were detained in the country where they stayed, and 424 Uyghurs were deported or extradited to China. These cases are reported to have occurred between 1997 and 2022.

Uighurs, as well as ethnic Kazakhs and Kyrgyz and storage of other groups and extradition risk snowwhere he is 10 China is the largest financial lender for five of the countries. These countries are Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Cambodia and It’s Myanmar. The report says that, leaders “trade in human rights for economic opportunities.”

A camp in Beijing’s western Xinjiang province under the guise of fighting Islamist extremism and more than 1 million Uyghurs in prisons, Kazakhs and keeps other Muslim minorities. Forced labor, mass placement, forced birth control, Uyghur culture and destruction of religious identity, as well as allegations of genocide.

Two reasons

An employee of the Wilson Center, the author of the study, which was released on April 25 Bradley Cardin He told RFE / RL that, China’s Uyghurs snowThe campaign has not started yet. The first deportations from Pakistan were recorded in 1997. Later the scale grew.

“There are two main reasons for this. 20The beginning of the US war on terror in 01 Uighur dissidents in China and an alliance to pursue diaspora communities and gave new rhetorical tools to form coalitions; In 2017, with a mass arrest program in Xinjiang, China strengthened algorithmic control in the province. He says.

Cardin says up to 1,500 Uighurs have so far been detained in countries such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt, or deported from Tajikistan, which is large enough. “It simply came to our notice then and is the number of deliveries. China is increasingly taking advantage of cyberattacks. If you take into account the threats to family members, you will see that this number exceeds 7,000. “ – he adds.


The analyst emphasizes that the Uyghurs have nowhere to go. Medium and South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and In traditional shelters like Turkey political spaces are shrinking. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan Belt and Signed an extradition agreement with his Chinese counterpart at the road summit forum: “Since then, there has been a sense of fear in Turkey’s Uighur diaspora, with many turning to Europe and North America. Japan has also become a major haven for Uyghurs.

Turkey is still a major country for Uyghurs. But well-known figures, such as Kazakh activists Serikjan Bilaş from there he moved to the United States.

Cyber ​​attacks

The researcher says Uighurs have been subjected to such cyberattacks, even in democratic countries. Their families in Xinjiang are always in danger:

“WeChat mainly with Diaspora family members and demon social communicates through media platforms. WeChat about Uyghurs information has become a collection tool. In Xinjiang, security services target them and restrict their activities.

Cardin to China’s Uyghur Diaspora snowtransnational repression and also notes the role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the surveillance campaign. China has partners in Central Asia in this institution and Russia cooperates with. Numerous agreements within the SCO allow for mutual extradition between member countries without question.


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