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A criminal case has been opened against Rovshan Askerov in Moscow

O Russia is accused of insulting the commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov

Former member of the Russian Investigative Committee’s “What, When, Where” TV show and Member of the Connoisseurs Club, Azerbaijani journalist Rovshan Asgarova snowopened a criminal case on charges of justifying Nazism.

To the version of the investigation according to Asgarov resigned no later than April 6 this year Facebook on the page “Great Russia commander and defender of the homeland, Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgi Konstantinovich insulting the memory of Zhukov and spread false information. ”

The official statement of the Executive Committee reads:

“The Investigative Committee should not tarnish the bright memory of the defenders of the homeland and any attempts to humiliate snowglass, the status of those involved in such crimes and social principled, despite the situation and will take it hard. “

5 years of work falls

The paragraph site reports that, The criminal case was filed on the basis of a complaint from the State History Museum.

The head of the Executive Committee called for a “procedural assessment” of Askerov’s actions Alexander Bastrykin ordered.

As the paragraph site writes according to Askerov Facebook Zhukov in the post “experienced robber”, “pogon killer” and Called a “petty thief.”

Russia Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code has recently been tightened and It is now possible to be sentenced to 5 years in prison on this charge. writes that, RT state TV channeleditor-in-chief Marqarita Simonyan Askerova snowexpressed satisfaction with the opening of the criminal case:

“Russia’s history and army over the years and a Russophobe who mocks his honor and against chauvinist Rovshan Askerov finally that, A criminal case has been opened. “

Askerov, who is currently abroad, said he did not intend to return to Russia.

Rovshan Asgarov, 49, is the PR director of Baku magazine.

Conflicting warlord

RFE / RL’s Russian Service reports that, Zhukov was actually accused of “robbery” in 1947 by Soviet special services.

He claimed that, He inherited part of his property as an inheritance and bought the rest with his own money.

This is also noted that, The accusation against Zhukov was the resignation of the commander-in-chief of his ground forces and was put forward to repress generals close to him.

Last November, Roskomnadzor responded to an article by RFE / RL’s Russian Service about Zhukov according to drew up a protocol.

It was mentioned in this article that, One of the documents signed by Zhukov stated that family members of those captured by the enemy on the Leningrad front of World War II would be shot.


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