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Five compounds necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA have been found in meteor samples

Hypothesis of panspermia according to one version To the earth biological life type comets, asteroids and ya meteors was included by. It should be noted that, Some scientists have previously reported meteors on Earth organic compounds found. Between them DNA and RNAThere were also 3 of the main compounds needed to form Conversation, adenin, quanin and from urasil goes. That’s all nitrogen bases. But at the same time DNA and Also for the formation of RNA cytosine and timin also needed. If all these compounds were found in a rock mass that fell to Earth, it would be possible to come one step closer to confirming the previously mentioned hypothesis.

According to new information, such a study has yielded positive results. Previously, traditional organic compounds in meteor samples were heated to high temperatures formic acid was searched through. So. that, fragmented meteor samples are placed inside the acid and then all possible organic factors within the sample are analyzed after dissolution. As a result, scientists adenine, quanine and urasili could be easily detected. However, they could not find a team with cytosine.

In a new study, scientists used a water-based cold liquid to dissolve possible organic factors in a meteor sample. In addition, they used a high-sensitivity device designed to study the molecular composition of the analysis. These new methods have proved their worth. So. that, For the first time, both cytosine and thymine were found in 3 meteor samples. And that means that, DNA of biological life on Earth and It may have been brought by a space object that carried the 5 main compounds that gave rise to RNA. Scientists will continue their research in this direction.

Azerbaijan news

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