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Google Play Store has started to indicate which user data the apps collect

Google The company still had its own app store in the spring of last year Google Play Store has launched a new feature, which it announced for So. that, Google It is installed on the Play Store smartphone and or provides information about which user data another application collects. This new feature will be gradually activated for users covering all groups. Developers can find out more about which user data their apps collect in that section of the Google Play Store 20 must add by July. According to Google, thanks to an additional section in the application store, users can collect information collected by applications, whether the developers have shared that information with third parties. and or they will receive detailed information about how data is generally encrypted during transmission.

Developers, in turn, must specify the types of confidential information collected. Thus, the list includes the location of the device, financial information (purchase history, credit rating and etc.), user health information, messages, phone numbers in contacts, files and documents, operations performed in applications, browser history, device performance and information on diagnosis and as well as device identifiers. In other words, the developers did not collect any of this information from the Google Play Store, for what purpose, and whether the collected data was passed on to third parties. and they should note how they are encrypted.

It was noted in the report that, This, in turn, is the recording of false information about confidential information collected and or cause another application to be removed from the Google Play Store. Google noted that, Even developers of applications that do not collect any confidential information will have to fill out a form covering the new privacy policy. In addition, developers will have to post links to their privacy policies. It should be noted that, such a feature 2020at the end of the year App Storewas put into operation in. Later, Google decided to launch it on its platform.

Azerbaijan news

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