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Instagram will be able to consolidate shares in user accounts

According to the information provided Instagramis testing a new function and at the top of the user account via this function and or it will be possible to strengthen other sharing. “Pin to your profileThis new feature is already available to some users. The function in question Twitter and TikTokwill work as an analogue in. Separate shares will be displayed at the top of the user account and In this way, the user will be able to draw the attention of others to important shares. As a result and or other user account subscribers will not have to additionally scroll the home page to search for important shares.

Meta The company has already confirmed that, he is really working on that kind of function. According to some reports, this is the first time the function in question January was put into operation in Currently Instagram users have their own accounts Stories they can strengthen their shares. Bloggers use this feature to organize popular content. Examples include surveys about any event that has taken place reportı and s. can be brought. Bloggers will have an additional source of income after the opportunity to consolidate regular shares in user accounts. So. that, they will be able to raise the prices of the most visible advertising shares for their subscribers.

Azerbaijan news

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