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Millions of tons of oil remain in their hands

World oil marketsgas prices are high enough. But from this Russia the government does not have the opportunity to reap the necessary benefits. Sanctions tie the Kremlin’s hand. Russia cannot sell millions of tons of oil.

Western media reported some information, citing traders. Moscow has failed to sell 6.5 million tons of oil. “Urals”, “Siberian Light”, “Sokol” and ESPO Blend brand products Russia waiting for customers in ports. But there is no suitable application for the demand.

Moscow will reach individual agreements. To do this, we need to turn to the Asian market. Because Europe does not want to buy Russian oil anymore. It’s in the middle of work that, There are no great prospects in Asia either. For example, the official price of the Urals is $ 76. However, the Kremlin will also have to respond positively to offers of $ 45-50 per barrel in the Asian market. There is no other way. China is leading. However, the Asian state is accustomed to taking advantage of the difficult situation of countries that can not sell oil. China understands how Russia is suffering and offers the lowest possible price. It is a known issue that, Moscow’s speech way not left.

Russian President Vladimir Putin he believed that, The plan to force settlements with the Western ruble will have an effect. It seems that there is no reason for optimism. Europe One country after another refuses Russian oil. French Economy Minister Bruno Le Mer said an embargo on Kremlin products would generally be imposed in the coming days.

The West believes that Russia will collapse both on the battlefield and economically. The course of the war is known. Moscow cannot achieve its goal. The economic downturn will take some time. At the end of the year, a clearer picture will emerge. Experts believe that Russia’s difficult days are ahead. 600 per month of war billion spends more than $. That’s it compensation can be done. But on one condition that, oil and gasYou can sell at a reasonable price. Apparently, Russia’s plan is not taken.


Azerbaijan news

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