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Nazarbayev’s title ‘Elbasy’ will be abolished

The title “Elbasy” was awarded to Nazarbayev even in 2019 president even after he left office, he gave unlimited power

Kazakhstan is past president Nursultan Nazarbayevwants to abolish the title of “Elbasy”

The lower house of the Kazakh parliament is the chairman of the parliament Erlan Goshanov told reporters on April 27 that, A government commission is currently working to amend a law establishing Nazarbayev as the “founder of an independent Kazakhstan.”

The MP said that, this change is “first president – Elbasy ”about the law will lead to the abolition of the article.

The title “Elbasy” gave Nazarbayev unlimited power, even after stepping down as president in 2019.

Goshanov said:

“Thus, the title of ‘president’ will be abolished. According to the law on presidents, the first president will simply fall into the category of former president, but his name will be preserved in the constitution.”

Nazarbayev, 81, resigned from the presidency in March 2019 and long considered his successor Kasim-Jomart Tokayev elected president.

Nevertheless, Nazarbayev won the title of president and He retains the post of chairman of the Security Council.

Thus, many of Nazarbayev’s relatives are in the government and security agencies and managed to retain important positions in profitable energy companies.

Nazarbayev’s personal immunity will remain

However January sharp rise in fuel prices in the month according to launched protests corruption sweeping the country and kinship snowhad turned into widespread protests.

At the time, Tokayev had taken several steps to bridge the gap between himself and Nazarbayev. One of them was the removal of the chairmanship of the Security Council from Nazarbayev.

Tokayev took over as president.

About the first president the law To Nazarbayev and it also gives immunity to his close relatives.

This law according to Nazarbayev is a lifelong member of the Constitutional Council and his “honor and Any disrespect to “dignity” is a criminal act.

If this the law If abolished, the government will be Nazarbayev’s family members and are close relativesjudgewill be able to.

However, Nazarbayev’s name is in the constitution according to will continue to maintain personal immunity.

Grooms and national wealth

Immediately after the protests, Nazarbayev’s two sons-in-law – Kairat Sharipbayev and Dimaş Dosanov in two state companies – QazaqGas and They were fired from their positions at KazTransOil.

Although there is no official information about this, it is believed that Sharipbayev is the husband of Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter Dariga. Dosanov is the husband of Nazarbayev’s youngest daughter, Aliya.


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