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Why is the level of education in Azerbaijan measured only by Baku? (Video)

RFE / RL asked the Ministry of Education a few questions:

Why does the ministry send only Baku schools for international assessment of students’ knowledge?

Why does Azerbaijan participate only in the capital’s schoolchildren, when the countries of the world participate in the PISA assessment all over the country?

The Ministry of Education did not answer RFE / RL’s questions, but experts say so that, this may be due to the lack of preparation of schools in the region.

PISA is an International Student Assessment Program and Reading, mathematics, science knowledge of 15-year-old schoolchildren and measures your ability to cope with real-life challenges.

The world BankFormer education adviser Rashad Aliyev told RFE / RL that, PISA is one of the most influential studies in the world and to measure the level of education of countries and widely used for comparison.

The difference between schools

According to him according tothe assessment is conducted only in Baku, which aims to artificially inflate the state of education in the country and is not the right step:

“First, your results do not reflect the situation in the country as a whole; secondly, these results for Baku2006 and 2009) cannot be compared with the results of the exams, because they represented the whole country, ie the chain is broken here; Thirdly, you cannot compare these results with other countries, because all other countries are represented at the national level. In other words, restricting this assessment to Baku is a wrong step in all respects.

Head of Educational Services Research Center Kamran Asadov he says that, Carrying out this assessment only in Baku will prevent us from revealing the situation in the whole country.

According to him, the students of the region lag behind the students of Baku in some issues and There is a need to assess and eliminate this situation:

“There is a problem of a certain intellectual level. Our students are not so open in terms of logical thinking and worldview in the region. This is the region and There is a big difference between Baku schoolchildren. The second issue is the use of technical equipment.

62nd among 77 countries

Official statistics according toThere are more than 4,000 secondary schools in the country, but the government evaluates only 180 schools in Baku.

It is said on the website of the Ministry of Education that, The process is organized taking into account the requirements of a special quarantine regime.

But there is no detailed information on what this requirement consists of.

However, Kamran Asadov says that, regional schools ali On average, it shows better results in school entrance exams than in Baku.

According to him according tomainly teachers and students in regional schools ali focused on the school admission program, however that, Teachers should also base their lessons on developing problem-solving and real-life problem-solving skills.


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