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Guterres is in Kiev. Ukraine is facing ‘difficult weeks’

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov warned of “devastation” in the east of the country

UNSecretary General of Antonio Guterres Ukraine to negotiate with management Kyivwent to. Meanwhile, the country’s defense minister said that, Russia Ukraine’s defenders as it continues its large-scale offensive in the east snow“Extremely difficult weeks” await.

Guterres Moscow Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinon the evening of April 27 after negotiations with Kyivwent to.

“To expand our humanitarian support and We will continue to work to ensure the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones. – Guterres wrote in a tweet.

“The sooner this war ends, Ukraine, Russia and it will be so good for the world “UN head Ukraine Presidents Volodimir Zelenski said before talks with.

20navy ship

The British Ministry of Defense issued a warning on the morning of April 28 that, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet retains the ability to hit targets off the coast of Ukraine.

Saratov landing craft and Despite the loss of the Moscow cruiser, Russia is in the Black Sea operational zone 20There are fleets, including submarines, the ministry said.

The organization also notes it that, Russia cannot replace the lost ships, because the Black Sea is the Marmara Sea and Turkey’s Bosphorus, which connects it to the Mediterranean, is “closed to all non-Turkish warships.”

Destruction, painful losses

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksey Reznikov warned of “devastation” in the east of the country. He said Russia would “try to inflict as much damage as possible” on Ukraine in the ongoing attack.

Reznikov debris and He spoke of “painful losses among Ukrainians.” He is attending a two-day meeting with officials from about 40 countries at the US Ramstein base in Germany.

“The goal of this real coalition is not only to hold the Kremlin accountable, but also to defeat Russia’s tyranny and ensure that the civilized world can win this war.” – Reznikov Facebookwrote in.


Russia’s Defense Ministry said on April 26 that it had taken full control of the Kherson region. The region is located in an area that provides land connections to Russia.

At the same time as the fighting, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating.

Russian forces are the last defense forces in the city of Mariupol and fires on a steel plant where civilians are staying.

Assistant to the mayor Petro Andryushenko Azovstal plant weather He said his shots were not interrupted. No attempts were made to open a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians from the plant.

Guterres in talks with Putin Russia and He called on Ukraine to work together to open humanitarian corridors. Putin told him that, hopes the talks will end the conflict. But the negotiation process has now stopped.


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