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The epicenter of the war: from “Karabakh of Ukraine” – PHOTO

Seymour Kazimov, Donetsk region

We are leaving the Dnieper for the Ukrainian-controlled Donetsk region. We listen to music on the radio, suddenly the music stops and instead it is announced: “Information of Pavlograd City Council. Dear citizens, weather if an alarm is given, gası, turn off the light, your most essential items and take your documents, seniors and help patients “.

The Dnieper is located in eastern Ukraine. But on the first day we arrived, we saw a different picture – in the city, almost that, there is no atmosphere of war. That’s right, Russia There are posters of the ship being sent to a popular address, but, for example, inside the city police and there are no checkpoints where the military stands. Such posts are installed at the entrance and exit of the city. Cafes, restaurants and other facilities operate, people walk along the river. Here, too, you can occasionally hear an alarm. The curfew is in place. It is interesting that, Pavloqrad Russia to the border and It is the closest city to the Russian military base. Two days before our arrival, on April 24, a rocket was fired at the railway, killing one person and damaging eight buildings.

We continue on our way. Surprise on the radio – we are listening to the Russian news program. Putin UN He appealed to the Secretary General and justified his attack on Ukraine… That is, in Pavlograd Russia radio frequencies are dominant.

A volunteer who accompanied me during my second visit to Ukraine during the war Anar We decided with our compatriot that, Let’s conclude our last visit, which took place in 2014, at one of the key points of the conflict.

We already see the poster “Donetsk region” and The first place we entered was the city of Pokrovsk. The noise of the Dnieper and After the tunnel, we have very different emotions here. Mostly military, military in the city medical including assistance police We are witnessing the movement of cars. SnowA military vehicle passes by us. The shells had holes and the windshield was cracked. Although he looks “wounded”, he can be felt from his speed that, is in working condition. We did not see a working facility in the city. Of buildings snowThe roof is empty, the courtyard houses as well. Occasionally there are a few people or cars. Filling stations are closed. Assuming this, we filled our car with fuel when we left the Dnieper, and we have reserves.

After Pokrovsk we enter the city of Dobropolye. Gas stations do not work here either. But there are signs of life. For example, people walking on the street with a dog, a small number of civilian cars crashing here and there. Military and police machines are also in place. There is no one in the yard of high-rise apartment buildings.

Kramatorsk has been the center of the Donetsk region since October 2014. On April 12 of the same year, the city council and The police station was occupied by DPR separatists, who declared it part of an unrecognized territory. In July 2014 Ukraine army back to the city free hit.

A rocket fired by Russia at the Kramatorsk railway station on April 8 killed 38 people at the scene. Later, their number reached 50 people. Five of the dead were children. 98 people were injured. The information given to by the city administration according to, those with minor injuries were released after an outpatient examination. The seriously injured were immediately taken to the Dnieper, as there were limited facilities for their treatment in Kramatorsk.

March in Kramatorsk and April living in the months and administrative buildings, sports school and s. civilian objects came under fire. The dead and There are wounded. Shooting was not allowed at military facilities that were hit by rockets and artillery.

The city before the war 20It had a population of 0,000. 50,000 of them came here after the 2014 war. At present, about 40,000 people remain. Civilian vehicles are rare. Trams and The buses are working, but they are also almost empty. The alarm in Kramatorsk is louder than in other Ukrainian cities. The city is the epicenter of the conflict in the region, located 35 kilometers from the line of contact and is the region most exposed to fire. There is no need to record the rocket-artillery sounds heard during the shooting. This should not come as a surprise.

The people we rarely meet are also in a hurry. Here, too, the most serious shortage is due to fuel. Only one station operates that, it is also limited – but 20 gives up to a liter of fuel and snowThere are long queues in the window. We also witnessed the queue in front of the bakery.

We are in front of the high school. The building was completely destroyed by shelling. No one was in the building as the shell hit at night. Two people were standing in front of the destroyed school building. Pointing to the place where the shell had made a huge hole, they jokingly said, “Look, the Russians have built a pool for us here.”

“We are from Slovyansk. We are guests here. In 2014, we faced war for the first time. It was scary then. My mother was pregnant. We went to Kharkov, Izyum and gave birth to a child there. Izyum itself is now under occupation. Now we have a problem. I worked for an oil refinery. They left the city as soon as the war broke out. ” – Says Polina Buynina.

His girlfriend Irina Potapova is also from Slovyansk. Kramatorska came to see her relatives. His relative is a volunteer in the medical service here. Before the war, Irina worked as a confectioner, but now she is unemployed because her job is closed.

Our next and last stop is Slovyansk. Most of the people we meet in the city are servicemen and are the police. We drive around the city. The streets are empty, people are almost invisible. The shops are closed. Police in front of government buildings and the military is on guard. On April 26th Britain intelligence had spread the news that, Russian army Slovyansk and Trying to move in the direction of Kramatorsk. On the same date, a rocket was fired at a resort in Slovyansk. The dead and no one was injured. The information we received according to, One of the last rocket attacks in Slovyansk took place on April 22. Buildings were damaged in several districts of the city. Most of the cluster bombs were used, no casualties were reported.

Slovyansky, like Kramatorsk, was occupied by DPR separatists on April 12-14. Three months later Ukraine army city free hit.

It is impossible to enter the points after Slovyansk – Liman and Fighting is raging around Severodonetsk, and Rubezhnoe that, occupied.

We are going back. We turn on the radio and We are listening to a special edition of Radio Respublika in Russian. A text calling for shelter is read out during the alarm. It was the DPRK radio station, which reported on “ways to protect against Ukrainian aggression.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin On February 21, 2022, it responded positively to a request to recognize the separatist-ruled Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine as an “independent state.” For eight years, no one recognized this self-proclaimed independent body in eastern Ukraine. The world community considers Donetsk an integral part of Ukraine.

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Donetsk region Anar Rafiyev is the founder of “Ukraine Energy Efficiency and We went with the organization of the Energy Saving Fund. The organization has been involved in charity since the first day of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine; mostly military personnel and to civilians foodhygienic means, medical The supply of equipment, including the donation of Star-Link equipment to the leadership of the cities affected by the attack, the evacuation of the population from dangerous areas, the preparation of road maps for the smooth delivery of aid.

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