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The girls, who escaped in the tunnel of the Baku metro, shot TikTok

Yesterday, the subway “20 JanuaryThe girls jumped from the platform on the rails and fled in the direction of the tunnel.

It was determined that the underage girls had two sisters. It became known during the preliminary investigation that, girls in the tunnel “TikTok” social to share on the network video planned to shoot. So. that, they fled as the train approached video They decided to place those images on their pages. However, the girls were detained as soon as they fled to the tunnel and In the Baku Metro Police They were taken to the office.

The identities of the girls were determined in the department. It turned out that, they live in Sumgayit and Their father is a Turkish citizen I.K. The girls’ parents were summoned to the office, and then their statements were taken and they were released.

Let `s note that, immediately during the incident “20 JanuaryHigh voltage was removed from the “Builders” apartment. Station duty officer and police As a result of the employee’s efforts, both passengers were arrested and escorted in safe conditions “20 JanuaryWas taken to the station. Train traffic has been restored. Due to this incident, there was a delay of 6 minutes on the lines. (Qafqazinfo)


Azerbaijan news

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