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A photo of a set of repair tools for individual repairs of iPhones has appeared

Yesterday news was given that, Apple company iPhonehas officially launched the service of individual repair by users. The service in question is still that, Activated in the United States. iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE (2022) smartphone users Apple can order details for smartphones from the company’s new online store and can repair iPhones individually. In addition Apple Along with these details, it also offers the rental of tools for repair. Now there is a photo of the sets of these tools. It should be noted that, 1 week rental of repair kit $ 49will cost and their delivery to users is free.

The reason for the free delivery of the repair kit to users is now known. The issue is here that, volume of a set of tools for professional repair and weight is quite high. Thus, the set includes repair tools designed to replace various parts of the iPhone. Among them is a device for heating the screen, a press to replace the battery, and There are different screwdrivers. All these tools are placed inside a large bag and the size of that bag is the same as the size of an ordinary travel bag.

However, if the iPhone SE (2022) model needs only one set for individual repair, the iPhone 12 and You will need to order two sets for the repair of iPhone 13 models. Weight of repair kit for iPhone SE (2022) 16.3 kgiPhone 12 and The weight of the repair kit for iPhone 13 models 19.5 kg contane. After repairing the iPhones, these tools must be returned to the company. However, at the time of return, no tool was included and or in case of damage, Apple may charge an additional fee. It was noted in the report that, The company inspects the repair tools in detail before shipping.

Azerbaijan news

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