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About a thousand undocumented children found…

Registration offices in 2021 and execution As a result of joint activities of the missions, 972 children born in previous years, but without relevant documents, were identified. This is Azerbaijan’s human trafficking snowon the fight Milli It is reflected in the annual report of the coordinator for 2021.

According to the Family Code of Azerbaijan, state registration of births in the country is mandatory. In terms of legislation, children’s rights are protected in the country. In addition, Azerbaijan is a member of the United Nations (UN) Has acceded to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Why do children remain undocumented? What are the possible consequences of this?

Family, Women and From the State Committee for Children’s Issues “Turan”Was reported that, Neglected children living on the streets of the republic are found: “Parents of the identified children are brought to administrative responsibility, preventive awareness talks are held with families. Of the family social If the situation is very bad, if the child is abused by the parent, they are placed in appropriate institutions. However, in most cases, government agencies avoid accepting children living on the streets for various reasons.

It is emphasized according tothe irresponsibility of some families, as well as home births, sometimes lead to children not being able to obtain documents: “Some children 10 can get a document after the age. As a result, the school does not admit the child to school on the grounds of age. These nuances, in addition to the factors listed above, also occur due to the low level of education and outlook of parents.

Head of “Azerbaijan Children” Public Union Kamala Whitefreeb told RFE / RL that, Potential human trafficking of undocumented children victimcan be converted to: “Because they don’t have documents.”

The human rights activist noted that, Some undocumented children are born out of wedlock. To his emphasis according toamong them are children of parents who do not have an identity card.

K.Ağfreeto his words according tothis figure is the statistical figure in which the documents are placed: “But the real figure, of course that, more. ”


Azerbaijan news

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