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Google will remove the user’s confidential information from its search engine at will

Google The company has announced changes to the privacy policy of its search engine. Users due to implemented changes Google will be able to delete more information about themselves from the search engine. After that, users Googlerevealing their habitats by applying to and or require the deletion of web pages that contain information that redirects to any user accounts. The company said in a statement that, Google wants to give users more privacy. So. that, This is based on search queries against the background of the constant development of the Internet and or the address of another person and or providing a phone number can pose a serious threat.

According to the information, users can contact Google and ask to delete various information about themselves from websites. Among such information as well social insurance numbers, bank card numbers, images with manuscripts, descriptions of identity documents, private medical informations and Includes private contact information (address, phone number, email). Google also uses intimate, pornographic images and He also promised to remove scenes of violence.

A user who wants to delete personal information that appears on the basis of search queries is specific to Google URL must provide addresses. We are talking about URLs that redirect to the user’s confidential information. In addition, the user must provide search pages with relevant links. However, Google said that, Deleting this information from Google does not mean that it will not be available. That’s it according to It will also be possible to obtain confidential information through other methods. An example of this is the use of other search engines.

Azerbaijan news

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