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Norway closes border with Russia

Norway and Russia Storskog crossing, the only land border crossing between the two countries, will be closed for the passage of all cargo on the EU sanctions list
Norway stated that, of himself Russia dry border with and Russian trucks to seaports and closes for ships and Europe Union to Moscow snowjoins the sanctions.
Norway and Russia The Storskog crossing, the only land border crossing between the two countries, will be closed to all crossings on the EU’s sanctions list.
Information about this NRK public TV channelThe statement came from Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Hutfeld on April 29.
The Minister said that, Russian fishing vessels, which usually unload their prey in Norwegian ports, will be exempt from sanctions.
The Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard (Spitzbergen) is open to foreigners under the 1920 agreement and it will also be exempt from sanctions.
Ukraine weapons for
Norway NATO although a member, Europe Not included in the union. However, Norway is part of the EU’s unimpeded Schengen area and The union is open to 26 members.
For this reason, Russia could enter the EU through Norway.
On April 27, the Norwegian government sent 400 million Norwegian kroner (42 million) to Ukraine, which is facing Russian occupation dollars) has decided to provide military assistance.
It is noted that, These funds will be used to purchase the necessary weapons for Ukraine Britain will be transferred to the fund.
The statement came from Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram.
On April 27, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that several Norwegian diplomats had been declared persona non grata.


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