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Scientists have proposed a simple method for detecting alien civilizations

Researchers think that, technological features of civilizations developed on distant planets from biosigns (in the past of life and or the manifestation of the results of any life activity that scientifically proves its existence at the present time) can be found faster. Such a conclusion SETI INSTITUTE researchers have arrived. It should be noted that, SETI Institute is a non-profit tax research organization and its main purpose is the creation of life in the universe and in the study of the prevalence. From the University of Pennsylvania which is an astronomer Jason Wright thinks together with his colleagues that, Alien technologies are more widespread than bio-signatures and it is an easier process to detect them. They are different techno signatures also called. These include alien radio signals, spacecraft, and artificial light sources on the planets. and there is a polluted atmosphere.

All these indicators may be the first evidence for the existence of an alien civilization. Wright assumes along with his team that, planets where techno signatures can be detected and even the number of star systems is greater than the number of planets with signs of biological life. According to the theory technologically advanced alien civilization From Earth easier to detect. Conscious life forms radio receivers, lasers, spacecraft and even Dyson’s globe (Astronomical design proposed by Freeman Dayson) can create. In this case, these civilizations transfer their individual technologies not only to their own planets, but also to neighboring planets and they may even spread to other star systems.

Technologies can continue to exist even after the civilizations that created them, sending techno signatures into space. Astronomers cite human civilization as an example. So. that, the technologies of human civilization are over Of the solar system exist on other planets. Even some of the technologies of human civilization are already beyond the boundaries of the solar system. Jason Wright noted that, The type of life in the solar system exists only on one planet and only he has a bio signature. Nevertheless, our civilization is no more Venus, Mars and Jupiter sent its devices to planets such as Sent into space in the last century Voyager devices have been around for a long time that, They travel outside the solar system. According to researchers, extraterrestrial civilizations may have already discovered our space technology.

Azerbaijan news

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