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The scandal surrounding the murder of the investigator’s mother’s son

Mother of Bakhtiyar Nasibov, who was killed a year ago Nazakat Bayramova claims that, snowfrom the party position and using his money to influence the objective investigation of this crime. Bayramova also openly expressed this opinion in the trial over her son’s murder.

The Khatai District Prosecutor’s Office, the mother of Ali Abbasov, accused of killing 22-year-old Nasibovflour was an investigator. He was charged under Article 120.1 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code.

The injured party considers that, the charge should have been heavier. According to Bayramova, there were people who helped Abbasov in this crime.

“It simply came to our notice then. She according to they did not give us video footage of the incident. Why are the images not in the case? They are very important evidence for work. There were surveillance cameras in the gym where the incident took place, where are the images recorded by those cameras? ”– the lawyer of the injured party Elmar Suleymanov says so.

According to the lawyer, in addition to the involvement of more people in the incident, there is a special cruelty and There are signs of a premeditated murder with intent to commit hooliganism. She according to 20has filed a motion to return the case to the investigation to aggravate the charges against Abbasov.

Abbasov, currently charged under Article 120.1, is sentenced to 9 to 14 years in prison. In aggravating cases, it starts at 14 years, 20 up to a year, even life imprisonment.

Abbasov said in his testimony in court that, The incident occurred as a result of an argument between them in the gym. He says he committed the incident alone and no one helped him.

Both the prosecutor and the defendant’s lawyers were present at the April 29 hearing in which the case was remanded for retrial. protest hit. They said that, There is no need for that, all issues have been sufficiently investigated. Nazakat Bayramova, a victim of such an approach, is harsh protest shouted in the courtroom and broke the computer on the table.

The judges decided to return the case to the investigation. At the same time, this action of the mother according to A decision was made to draw up an act on him.

The incident took place on March 1, 2021 in one of the gyms in the Khatai district of the capital.


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