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General Gerasimov was wounded in Ukraine – 24 hours

Russia Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Federation Valery Gerasimov Ukraine territory, Kharkiv was injured near the city of Izyum in the province.

This was reported by a military journalist and blogger Alexander Shulman wrote.

Gerasimov, 66, received a shrapnel wound in the upper third of his right leg without a broken bone. There is no danger to life.

Army generaland Gerasimov and other officers Ukraine It is noted that he was sitting at the command post where the Armed Forces fired accurately. For initial information according to, 20 the officer was killed.

Vertical Telegram reports that, Russia Chief of General Staff Gerasimov Russia tries to leave Izyum, where his army suffered heavy losses and their supply has been suspended.

The news says that, before that Ukraine Armed Forces 10more than a high-ranking Russian commander, including at least six generaldestroyed.

Let `s note that, Valery Gerasimov is considered one of the main architects of the war in Ukraine. Some information according tohe is one of three people Vladimir Putin consulted when he decided to start a war.

At the same time, after the failure of the war in Ukraine, his Putin trustreportedly lost. Not an exception that, The Russian leader sent him to the front as a punishment.


Azerbaijan news

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