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A drug courier opened fire on police in Azerbaijan

Smuggling to the Main Drug Control Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) way According to operational information, two people obtained a large amount of drugs for sale.

This was reported by the Interior Ministry.

Reported that, A special operation was carried out by the employees of the Main Department to detain these people. One of them was Vu, who had previously been convicted of drug traffickingsnow Jafarov was detained as a result of a police operation. A search of his package turned up a total of 32 kilograms, including 22 kilograms of marijuana, 4 kilograms of heroin and 6 kilograms of the psychotropic substance methamphetamine. and 1,600 methadone pills were found.

snow When Rovshan Gasimov, who was involved in drug trafficking together with Jafarov, was detained police He resisted the officers and tried to escape in an Opel car, but the police did not allow him to do so. Policewith a firearm on that disobedient person police shooting their employees into their lives and posed a great threat to health. Police fired warning shots into the air and demanded that Rovshan Gasimov surrender voluntarily. However, because the person continues to resist and He was detained as he tried to flee again. Rovshan Gasimova initial medical was assisted and he was hospitalized. 1 Makarov pistol, cartridges, cartridge comb, 500 grams of methamphetamine, plastic cards used in the sale of drugs and electronic scales were found and confiscated.

A criminal case has been launched under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and the investigation is under way.


Azerbaijan news

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