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Lavrov’s talk of ‘Jewish blood’ angered Israel

Lavrov’s views on Jews in the Italian Mediaset TV channelina said in an extensive interview

Russia Russia’s ambassador to Israel was summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry immediately after Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s remarks about the Jews.

Lavrov’s views on Jews in the Italian Mediaset TV channelina said in an extensive interview.

He was asked a question during this interview that, Ukraine presidents Volodimir Zelenski Why does Moscow accuse Kiev of Nazism when it is Jewish?

Russia Text published on the Foreign Ministry’s website according to In response to this question, Lavrov said:

“He makes the argument that if he is a Jew, how can they be stigmatized?” I may be wrong, but A. Hitler also had Jewish blood. This has nothing to do with the issue. The wise Jewish people said that, The strongest anti-Semites are usually Jews. They say we have that, “The family is not perfect.”

Lavrov was apologized

Israeli Foreign Minister Yayir Lapid he said that, Lavrov’s words are “unforgivable, outrageous.” and It’s a gross historical mistake. “

Lapid later said:

To say “Hitler was a Jew” is to say that, the Jews killed themselves. The Nazis persecuted the Jews, only the Nazis were Nazis. Only the Nazis carried out the systematic destruction of the Jewish people. “

Lapid said that, Israel is waiting for Lavrov’s apology.

Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennet He called Lavrov’s remarks “a lie” on May 2 and he said that, In fact, Lavrov blamed them for the massacre of Jews in World War II.

Bennett at the same time political demanded an end to the reference to the Holocaust.

What is said about Hitler’s Jewish roots

Russia other Jewish politicians said what the foreign minister said and Jewish organizations, including the chairman of the Yad wa-Shem Holocaust Memorial Dani Dayan also condemned:

“Lavrov turned the victims into criminals by saying that Hitler was of Jewish origin.”

Volodimir Zelenski He was born into a Ukrainian-Jewish family and While rejecting Nazism, he always declared his roots in the Jews.

As for the hypothesis that there were Jews among Hitler’s ancestors, it was first suspended by a Nuremberg tribunal. Hans Frank put forward.

This hypothesis has not been scientifically proven.

The Führer never spoke of his roots in the Jews, but sought to exterminate them.


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