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The decisive battle in Armenia – 24 hours


Early in the morning on May 2, the opposition began a protest action in the Armenian capital Yerevan. Theater Square in the city center and street with them police closed by. According to local media according to, police He detains citizens trying to close Khorenatsi Street and tries to open it. Protesters blocked some streets and set up barricades. France The square is reported to be closed on all four sides.

Member of the Hayastan bloc, parliament Vice Speaker Ishkhan Sagateylan said that, There were no clashes at night. Despite the rain, citizens France spent the night in the square.

The Armenian opposition is uninterrupted protest The protests began before Prime Minister Nicole Pashkina met with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Brussels on April 6. Ex-presidents on April 5 – R. Kocharyan and Held with the participation of Sargsyan protest protesters say they will use all means to overthrow the government

Brussels meeting Europe It was mediated by the President of the Council of the Union, Charles Michel and The parties stated that they had made significant progress in the peace talks. So. that, Azerbaijan and The Armenian Foreign Ministries were to start peace talks and announce the composition of a bilateral commission to clarify the borders. Pashinyan made the announcement at a government meeting on the morning of his return from Brussels that, The West calls on Yerevan to reduce its expectations about the status of Karabakh. The Armenian opposition made this statement to hand over Karabakh to Azerbaijan and He accepts it as a great betrayal of Pashkina.

On April 19, Nicole Pashinyan was invited to Moscow and Russia During the meeting with President Vladimir Putin, statements were made that slowed down the process. The parties stated that, 10 November 2020Opening of communications in accordance with the provisions of the ceasefire declaration signed in and are committed to the process of demarcating borders. They did not talk about a bilateral peace agreement.

After Pashinyan’s return from Moscow, the opposition withdrew from its statements about the status of Karabakh and made statements reassuring the separatists. Said that, Consent of Armenians in Karabakh and there can be no agreement without his presence. He killed separatist Araik Harutyunyan in Yerevan last week and He reiterated his position by accepting his deputies. The head of the separatists said that “the right of the people of Karabakh to self-determination” is indispensable. Pashinyan told him the results of the 44-day war and First of all, he reminded that it is important to solve these problems. The Prime Minister pointed that, such a radical position could result in another war that, This could create an undesirable situation for Armenia.

Although Pashinyan did not announce the composition of the bilateral border commission until April 30, he sent Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan to Brussels to meet with Azerbaijani presidential aide Hikmet Hajiyev. and Discussions will continue in the coming days. Official Baku tolerates Pashkina’s postponement of Brussels agreements due to internal situation in Armenia and waiting for the outcome of the internal struggle.

Thus, the next power-opposition war in Armenia, which lasted about a month, has entered a decisive stage. This struggle was pro-Russian political It can be called the last battle between the elite and the pro-Western Pashinyan team.

First of all, the Kocharyan-Sargsyan pair is in the West snowis trying to seize power, using the opportunities of Russia, which is losing ground. It is known that, Ukraine Moscow, which is in a difficult situation during the crisis, will have less influence in the region and as a result, the former elite’s claims to power may be buried once and for all.

Second, Russia has also gathered its last strength to overthrow the weak Pashinyan government in the region and strengthen the West in the region. snowis trying to freeze the peace process that began with Azerbaijan.

Russia’s ability to put pressure on Azerbaijan is very limited, because such means within the government have failed and are in power and suspected bases in the armed forces were destroyed. Political while the opposition Russia has nothing to do with. At the same time, Azerbaijan has a strong military presence in the region with Turkey.political is an ally to him snowOpen military pressure could result in adequate steps by Ankara. However, there are still some levers of pressure on Azerbaijan. The military contingent in Karabakh and their subordinate separatist criminal groups may commit provocations. There are certain opportunities for provocation inside the country and Some of the recent events are perceived in society as attempts to put pressure on Russia.

Of course that, The decisive struggle will take place inside Armenia and the ratio of forces here is still that, In favor of Pashinyan. The opposition’s month-long campaign, despite all efforts, failed to cover Armenia, and the protests in the capital did not exceed 7,000-8,000 people. The latest opinion polls in the country according tothe opposition’s rating does not differ much from the election period, the ruling party maintains its popularity.

For this reason, the Kocharyan-Sargsyan duo and The radical nationalists who are with them are trying to force the process and achieve results. Russia supports them in every possible way, including mobilizing all media and financial resources for the victory of the opposition.

These days, mass riots in Yerevan, Pashinyan and acts of violence against his team are inevitable. The outcome of this war will depend on how successful the government is in the process. Most likely, the Prime Minister is loyal to him police will order its forces to crush radical forces…


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