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The European Union may impose a complete embargo on Russian oil

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said that, indilik Russia oil and It is possible to do without coal, but it is possible that fuel prices will rise

Germany announced on April 2 that, Europe Of the Union Russia is ready to join the full warehouse on oil immediately.

Russia Berlin, the world’s largest oil customer, said earlier that, it will take some time to join the embargo.

During that time, Germany had to find an alternative source of supply instead of Russian oil.

But now it means that Berlin is ready to join the embargo that, Europe Union snowmay completely ban the import of Russian oil in the coming days.

This is also noted that, Most of Russia’s energy revenues come from Germany.

Although a heavy load…

Minister of Economy of Germany Robert Habek He told his colleagues at a meeting in Brussels on May 2:

“Germany is not against a ban on Russian oil. Of course, this is a heavy burden, but we will be ready for it. “

Minister of Finance of Germany Christian Lindner Die Welt told the newspaper that, now Russian oil and It is possible to do without coal, but it is possible that fuel prices will rise.

Germany used to get 35 percent of its oil from Russia before Russia invaded Ukraine. Berlin has now reduced that figure to 12 percent.

Reuters writes that, The eastern part of Germany, in particular, imports fuel from Russia’s Rosneft refinery and depends on the Soviet-era Friendship Belt.

Europe’s Russia gas It will be more difficult to get rid of addiction. Russia at the moment Europe Russia from the countries of the Union gasrequires them to pay in rubles.

Europe rejects this demand.


Azerbaijan news

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