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A popular spy application called Pegasus has been discovered on the smartphones of Spain’s prime minister and defense minister

Of Israel NSO Group of the company Pegasus The popular spy application called the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez and Minister of Defense Margarita Robleswas found on smartphones. About it Reuters site head of government office Felix Bolanosquoted a statement from According to reports, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s smartphone was hacked in May 2021. As a result, confidential information was stolen from the smartphone. However, Felix Bolanos said in a statement who is behind the incident and or did not say who was standing. It was not immediately clear when Defense Secretary Margarita Robles’ smartphone was hacked. “These interventions are illegal and were foreign. When we say foreign, we mean it that, those interventions are unofficial and It was done without government permission, ”said Felix Bolanos.

He also noted that, The information about these events was passed to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice, in turn, should begin an investigation into these incidents and is preparing to open a criminal case against them. It was noted in the report that, News of the wiretapping of high-ranking Spanish officialspolitical appeared against the background of pressure. The current publicpolitical As part of the pressure, the government is required to clarify the use of Pegasus spy to track dozens of Catalans. It should be noted that, information on the tracking of Catalans via Pegasus in Canada Citizen Lab. had given an organization called.

Azerbaijan news

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