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Russian Foreign Ministry prolongs ‘Jewish conversation’

Russia The Foreign Ministry said that, The Israeli government is pursuing a course of support for the “neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.”
Russia The Foreign Ministry said that, The Israeli government is pursuing a course of support for the “neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.”
The statement called Israeli Foreign Minister Yayer Lapid’s statement that Jews did not kill themselves during the Holocaust “anti-historical.”
Russia The statement was posted on the ministry’s official Twitter account.
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, there are two examples of Jewish cooperation with the Nazis during World War II.
Such a conclusion is drawn from this information that, Volodymyr Zelensky may become president of a neo-Nazi country.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also accuses Latvian President Egils Levits of Jewish origin of neo-Nazism.
The Russian Foreign Ministry is also conducting a historical investigation
The statement said that, Jewish support for the Nazis is a “marginal phenomenon,” but it is not forbidden and “Is the subject of research.”
The document refers to an article in an Israeli newspaper:
“Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says that, Among those who helped carry out the Holocaust were Poles, Russians and Ukrainians and Along with the Germans, there were also Jews. Israeli historians say that, it is part of a campaign to clear the border between the killers and their victims. ”
The Russian Foreign Ministry is not satisfied with this:
“If in World War II some Jews were forcibly involved in crime, but speculated by their roots, Zelenski do it completely consciously and does it voluntarily. “
The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that,Ukraine the president is hiding under his origin and He also hides the executioners of his people. “
Russia’s excuse for war
On May 2, Israeli politicians and officials and public figures to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s statement on Jews protest they did.
Sergei Lavrov said that, Adolf Hitler, the Führer of Nazi Germany, could also have Jewish roots.
This claim of the Minister is not confirmed by historical facts.
Lavrov also claimed that, Among the strongest anti-Semites were many Jews.
Lavrov’s statement in Israel is outrageous snowslandered, anti-Semitism and condemned as an example of racism.
Russia to Ukraine snowHe is trying to justify his aggression by claiming that the country is ruled by neo-Nazis.


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