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What dangers does such an event pose to the Earth?

Scientists From Earth exploding star not far away supernovaya (another name extreme new star) hope to receive information about the transformation in a timely manner. Such information can be obtained by both surface telescopes and underground sensors. In this case, scientists Milk The way will be able to gather more information about how matter formed in the galaxy. But on the other hand, such an event poses a serious threat to the planet. This is Supernova and or as a result of the explosion of another star. The light emitted during that explosion is so bright that, it can overshadow all the visible light that astronomers observe.

The end 10In 00 years, scientists have been able to observe such an event only 5 times. These events took place before the invention of the telescope. “The formation of supernovae in other galaxies and thanks to the remnants of the supernova in our galaxy, we have an idea of ​​them. However, we would like to observe the formation of a supernova not far from Earth. As a result, modern telescopes and It would be possible to observe through sensors, “said one of the scientists.

Cancer Nebula, the remains of a supernova that exploded in 1054:

When a supernova explodes, heavy elements are released into space. That’s it according to The creation of a supernova, which may be close to Earth, could in turn allow scientists to learn more about how matter formed in the Milky Way galaxy. “Most of the heavy elements were formed as a result of supernova explosions. The atoms of these elements provide the galaxy with the necessary matter for its existence. These elements are also important for the survival of the species. For example, in our bones calciumin our blood ironcontained in the ring we carry on our finger gold and s. The elements were formed as a result of the explosion of supernovae, “the scientists said. Supernova has a high density as a result of the explosion neutron star remains.

If the super-star is too big, it will eventually black hole can cause A large amount of energy is released during a supernova explosion. Of the sun 10 billion The amount of energy released during the year can be excreted within a supernova explosion. Sometimes a supernova explosion can be observed with the naked eye from Earth during the day. So. that, a very bright light appears during the explosion. According to scientists, milk The way as in each galaxy 10Approximately 00 years 20 units arise supernova. However, in the last 1,000 years, scientists have observed such an event only 5 times. According to historical sources, these events are 1006, 1054, 1181, 1572 and They happened in 1604.

Remains of a supernova named SN1572 that exploded in 1572:

“But if supernovae are so bright, why not?” according to people predicted 20 observed only 5 instead of the incident? The answer is very simple. Our galaxy is reminiscent of a flat disk and our solar system is located 2/3 of the way to its periphery. This is the supernova formed on the other side of the flat disk snowdust in the center of the galaxy and stars, ”the scientists said.

Explosions of supernovae are not only producers of elements essential for life, but also factors that play an important role in the formation of stars and planets. “During a supernova explosion, strong shock waves propagate into space. Those waves are dust and gas colliding with the clouds, allowing them to condense. As a result, first in the centers of those clouds protodes they arise and then they become real stars. In the next stage, planets are formed around these real stars. Maybe the Sun. and Solar system It was created in this way, “the scientists said.

Azerbaijan news

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