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‘In the future, the expansion of the universe will stop and it will begin to shrink’

Scientists have created a model of the evolution of the universe and that model showed it that, giving impetus to the rapid expansion of the universe dark energy may lose its expansion strength after a certain period of time. As a result, another feature of dark energy will lead to the gradual contraction of the universe. This, in turn, leads to the destruction of the universe and or will give birth to a new birth of space and time. Princeton University scientists have come to this conclusion that, dark energy is not a constant force of nature and it may change after a certain period of time. So. that, the dark energy, the driving force that drives the expansion of the universe, eventually weakens and can stop completely. If this happens, another possibility of dark energy will emerge. We are talking about the power of attraction. That, in turn, will cause the universe to shrink.

In the next stage, the compression process is started slowly and some billion can last for years. As a result, the universe will either be destroyed or reborn. “It simply came to our notice then that, The process of expansion of the universe will slow down very quickly. So. that, 65 million years on a cosmic scale is not such a long time, ”said a scientist from Princeton University Paul Steinhardt noted. It was studied by scientists in the 90s of the last century that, The universe is expanding faster than it did billions of years ago and The main reason for this is the dark energy that has the power to push high-mass cosmic objects, such as galaxies, apart. Albert Einstein According to the theory proposed by, dark energy has an unchanging form. That is, this unknown force does not change and to it according to and the expansion of the universe will continue indefinitely. However, according to another theory put forward in 1998 by scientists, including Paul Steinhardt, it is not necessary for dark energy to remain constant. and its features may change.

Scientists have come to this conclusion by creating a new model for the development of the universe that, The force of dark energy, which drives the expansion of the universe, will weaken over time. According to the modeling created by scientists, the repulsive force of dark energy is still a few billion years ago. That’s it according to The rapid expansion of the universe has already begun to slow down. According to Steinhardt, after the expansion of the universe, its compression will begin and this process will be very slow. A few to shrink the universe to half its current size billion years will be needed.

“It simply came to our notice then that, in the end, one of the two probable events will occur. Or the one who destroyed the universe and will continue to shrink until the end of space and time, or it will From the big bang will be compressed as before and As a result, another Big Bang will take place, creating a new universe, ”Steinhardt said. If the second of these probable events occurs, then the universe is constantly expanding and is compressed. And that means that, our universe, the first in a series of infinite universes and or not the last. Unfortunately that, This new research is purely theoretical and it is not possible to check it by any means. Maybe our future generations will know how the end will be according to they will know.

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