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“Then they laughed, now they imitate”

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan commented on the tactics used by the opposition forces for his resignation.

Sputnik Armenia reports that, he opposition 2018He was accused of imitating the steps taken by him in

2018in they protestHe used to laugh at people walking with backpacks, but now backpacks have doubled in price in the city. Opposition 2018“He laughed at the revolution, but now he is imitating it,” Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister jokingly noted that stray dogs should join the opposition forces: “During our march in 2018, we were joined by stray dogs. Now the dog will have to join the current opposition. “

Noting that democracy does not mean the weakness of the state, Pashinyan stressed that the state apparatus will react harshly when necessary.

“Now they have to admit it that, “Either they want a coup or we have come to power in a democratic way.”


Azerbaijan news

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