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According to Lavrov, Putin apologized to Israel

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett President He accepted Putin’s apology

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russia President Vladimir Putin There was a telephone conversation between.

TASS reports that, The statement came from the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

During the telephone conversation, the parties met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on May 1 to discuss Italy’s Rete-4. TV channeldiscussed the statements made by him on the air.

“According to Prime Minister Lavrov according to President He accepted Putin’s apology and that he clarified his attitude to the Jewish people, as well as to the memory of the Holocaust according to thanked him, “the statement said.

Recall that, In an interview with Italian media, Lavrov compared Zelensky to Adolf Hitler. “Zelensky’s Jewishness does not deny the Nazi elements in his country. I believe that, Adolf Hitler also had Jewish blood. Zelenski “If the perpetrator stops commanding the Nazi forces, peace between states can be promoted.”


Azerbaijan news

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