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It is expected to rain tomorrow, strong wind will blow

in Baku and On May 6 in the Absheron peninsula weather The weather is expected to be changeable cloudy, sometimes cloudy, mainly rainless.

Milli According to the Hydrometeorological Service according tobut at night and There is a possibility of short-term rain in some places in the morning.

Strong north-west wind will blow. The temperature will be 12-15 C at night, 16 C in the daytime.20It will be hot. The temperature will be 12-14 C at night, 17-19 C in the daytime in Baku. Atmospheric pressure will rise from 755 mm Hg to 760 mm Hg. The relative humidity will be 65-75%.

Tomorrow in the regions of Azerbaijan Lightning and occasional rain is expected in some places. It will be intense in some places, hail, in high mountainous areas snow is likely to rain. Night and It will be foggy in some places in the morning. West wind will be strong in some places.

The temperature will be 8-13 C at night, 22-27 C in the daytime, in the mountains 2-6 C at night, 7-12 C in the daytime.


Azerbaijan news

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