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Lawlessness on the Caspian coast: Who is the threat?

The access of Lake Zykh, one of the main lakes of the Absheron Peninsula, to the Caspian Sea is completely closed. The evacuation canal connecting the lake and the sea was filled with soil. As a result, domestic and industrial water flowing from Zykh settlement to the lake and The coverage of groundwater has expanded, creating an ecological threat in the area.

Khazar TV has prepared a story about this.

Residents of the area say that, The filling of the canal began last year. What is the purpose of it?

According to residents according toespecially industrial waters pose a threat to their lives.

Ecology related to the issue and Mirsalam Gambarov, chairman of the board of the State Environmental Expertise Agency of the Ministry of Natural Resources, said that, the closure of the canal to the formation of swamps and caused an unsanitary situation. According to him according toImproving the ecological condition of Lake Zykh, protection and President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order on landscaping of the territory. Use of the lake with an area of ​​about 300 hectares in accordance with the order and Ecology of its protection and It was instructed to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Although the ministry has begun work in this direction in accordance with the approved master plan, the closure of the channel is currently hampering their work. For this reason, appeals were sent to the relevant agencies three times. Rehabilitation of the lake, as no real steps have been taken yet and oil waste treatment cannot be carried out.

Surakhani District Executive Power reported that, The canal was filled at the initiative of the Khatai District Executive Power. It was not from the Khatai District Executive Power that, they did not put forward such an initiative.

“The canal was filled by local residents. The organization also informed the relevant authorities about it, “the Khatai District Executive Power said.

We present a more detailed video on the subject:


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