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Naila Askerzade was also included in the sanctions list


Britain To Russia snowby expanding sanctions further 63 Russia citizen and blacklisted the company.

Several well-known journalists on the new sanctions list, Russia State Television and Radio Committee and There is also KamAZ.

At the same time Britain management consulting to companies in Russia, accounting and The provision of services in areas such as public relations is prohibited.

These services are exported from Britain to Russia 20 percent.

New sanctions social networks, internet services and Russian state RT to software application stores TV channelof and Sputnik has been instructed to block its content.

“Postcard” in the new sanctions list bankhead of Mikhail ZadornovChairman of the Board of Sovkombank Dmitri QusevDeputy Minister of Defense Nikolay Pankov, Russia assistant to the president Maxim Oreshkinjournalists Yevgeni Poddubnı, Alexander Kots, Dmitry Steshin, Naila Askerzade, Brian MacDonaldhave names.

Rosneft’s vice president, journalist Mikhail LeontyevSanctions have also been imposed.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass So far, more than 1,600 Russian physicists and He said that sanctions were imposed on the legal entity.

Australia’s “black list”

Well-known Russian journalists are also on Australia’s new sanctions list and There are companies.

The new list of sanctions of the Russian State Duma 75 deputyı, the so-called DXR in the Donbas 20And 12 “ministers” of the People’s Republic of China.

Journalist is a staunch supporter of the Russian government Vladimir SolovyovSanctions have also been imposed.

Australia to Russia over Ukraine snowrape according to It first expanded the sanctions list on April 14.

These sanctions apply to Gazprom, Russian Railways, KamAZ, Gazpromneft, Transneft and Applies to Rostelecom companies.

The Australian government has previously had a Russian president Vladimir Putinin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovflour, Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygunun, prime minister Mikhail Mishustinbanned from entering the country.

In response, Russia added Australia to its list of “unfriendly” countries.

Australia and New Zealand’s prime ministers have been banned from entering Russia.

Azerbaijan news

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