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The killings are said to be linked to Rosguardia and Kadyrov

Reuters identified that, Buça and There were at least three groups around the city affiliated with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov

A Reuters investigation into the massacre in Bucha has revealed which Russian military units have occupied the city.

This is also noted that, statements of local residents and found documents Kyiv murders committed in the province Russia Guards – Rosguardia “Vityaz” detachment, 76th Pskov parachute landing unit and It shows that it is connected with the Chechen military.

The report says that, Ukraine national members of the guard Russia the headquarters set up by the military in a building on Yablunsk Street in Bucha and near the place where 8 bodies were later found Konstantin KorshunovThey found an identity card belonging to

Reuters journalists identified Korshunov as a fighter in military unit 3179. This is a military unit Russia belongs to the Vityaz detachment of the Guards.


This is also reported that, In the house of one of the local residents in Bucha Alexander Loqvinenkoor a sent letter was found.

Reuters research concludes according to he was one of the paratroopers brought from Pskov.

Being next to that house and In another house occupied by the Russian military, the word “Wolf_68” was written on the wall with an aerosol can.

Journalists have identified that, A serviceman of the 234th Assault Regiment, part of the 76th Guards Airborne Division Kirill Kryuchkov social It is known in networks as “Wolf_68”.

The investigation report says that, In addition to the testimony of local residents, the presence of Chechen servicemen in the corner was also confirmed by the same servicemen. social photo shared on networks and videos confirm.

Reuters identified that, Buça and the head of Chechnya around this city Ramzan KadyrovThere have been at least three combinations associated with a.

Russia dances them too

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Bucha in early April Ukraine power and journalists found a large number of corpses scattered on the streets and reported the existence of dozens of mass graves.

Among the dead were people with their arms tied behind their backs.

It was determined that these people were killed during the Russian occupation of Bucha.

Ukraine government and Western officials have accused the Russian military of war crimes.

The word “genocide” is often used in media coverage of the Bucha massacre.

Russian Ministry of Defense Photo taken in Bucha and called the videos fake and said that, All this is “a stage set up by Kiev for foreign media.”

On April 28, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine tortured citizens and suspected of robbery 10 He announced the names of the Russian soldier.


Azerbaijan news

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