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Youtube Go for weak smartphones will be suspended

Google A new service will be added to the list of suspended services in the near future. So. that, company weak smartphones and Designed for users in countries with limited internet access Youtube Go announced that support for the application will be suspended. It should be noted that, This version of YouTube was introduced 6 years ago and Go less system resources than other services in the series and uses internet traffic. This is one of the main advantages of Youtube Go that, You can download videos to watch offline.

Google According to the company’s official statement, Youtube Go is simply no longer needed. So. that, the company’s core in recent years Youtube has optimized its application in this way that, it’s even on budget smartphones and can work in weak internet connection mode. In addition, new features are being developed for the main Youtube application and These features will allow you to save smartphone memory. This feature is very important for Youtube Go users. It should be noted that, Youtube Go has more than 500 million downloads. The application will be closed in August this year.

Azerbaijan news

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