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Did the speaker’s mother insult the protesters from the balcony?

Azatutyun writes that, to the mother of Alain Simonyan, a representative of the government who promotes tolerance snowstates that no criminal case should be opened

RFE / RL’s Armenian Service – Azatutyun writes that, on May 6 social passing under the balcony in networks protestspitting on the floor and Images of a woman showing her middle fingers were spread.

Opposition Prime Minister Nikol PashinyanOpposition to the rally, which demanded the resignation of the “I have an honor” faction deputiesı Taron Markaryan and Tiqran Abramyan led by.

Azatutyun identified that, incident Milli Speaker of the Assembly Alen Simonyantook place on Abovyan Street, where his mother was registered.

Alain Simonyan’s press secretary Tsovinar Khachatryan said at first that, No comment will be made on the incident.

Nevertheless later Milli The speaker of the parliament said that, passing under the balcony protestçılar his mother Maria Hovhannisyani insulted and He also responded to the insults:

“It simply came to our notice then snowwas in the bottle. The demonstrators knew that they were passing under our apartment and they insulted my family. My mother could not stand the nerves. “

Simonyan’s grandmother and brother

Azatutyun writes that, to Simonyan’s mother, a representative of the government who promotes tolerance snowstates that no criminal case should be opened.

Alain Simonyan said that, His mother’s actions were not directed at the deputies, but at those who insulted the family.

Simonyan said that, Law enforcement agencies should determine whether this incident is significant:

“On the legal side, of course that, If there is a criminal element, no one is above the law. ”

Azatutyun writes that, At the scene of the incident on Abovyan Street, his correspondents spoke with Alain Simonyan’s grandmother.

Journalists say that, The address was found in the state register of Euroasfalt.

Brother of Alain Simonyan, the head of this company Karlen Simonyanis


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