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Everyone has the opportunity to react to messages on WhatsApp via emojis

It turned out that, WhatsappThe ability to respond to incoming messages through emojis is now available to everyone. That the new feature is available to everyone Whatsapphead of Will Cathcart also announced. It should be noted that, The news that the new feature will be integrated into the messenger appeared a few months ago. Currently, the number of emojis covering the reactions to incoming messages is limited. However, after some time, their number will increase.

It was noted in the report that, all the emojis of the resulting reactions and will support skin tones. It should be noted that, near time WhatsappOther new features will also be available in. Among them is the ability of group administrators to delete messages from others, the volume of files sent within the messenger. 2 GBUpgrading to, implementation of audio calls with the participation of 32 people and s. var. It should be noted that, TelegramThe ability to respond to incoming messages through emojis was launched in December last year.

Azerbaijan news

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