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Georgian President vs. Kiev: “We can’t do what they want”

“It simply came to our notice then that, we must be careful because we do not have many opportunities. Russia We will never be able to win the war with

The statement came from Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili.

According to him according toUkrainians to Russia in Georgia snowThey want a second front:

“Ukrainians sometimes demand more not only from Georgia, but also from their partners. To different partners snowthey use rude expressions. Yes, they also buy weapons from Georgia and Georgia to Russia snowThey want to create a second front. All this is impossible!

That we have two occupied territories and Given that one of them is a “referendum” on joining Russia, the steps taken by the Georgian government to see what the country can do at this stage are a realistic approach. It is clear that, We must be careful, because we do not have many opportunities, no one Georgia Ukraine will not be ready to support until and we Russia We will never be able to win the war with Azerbaijan, ”Zurabishvili said.


Azerbaijan news

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