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Grandmother Zeliha’s dream – to become a student at the age of 90

Zeliha Korkhmaz is a resident of Mugla. He is 93 years old. The elderly woman is a student at Mugla Sitki Kochman University.

Z. Korkmaz worked as a teacher for 30 years. He has not been single since his retirement. He sewed and read different clothes and was engaged in sports. Zeliha teacher “24 hours I don’t have enough… I don’t feel like a grandmother… My back is bent, but not because of age, but because of work. ”

One of the biggest dreams of this lady was to live a student life again at this age. Thus, at the age of 90, he became a Mugla Sitki Kochman Universityentered

“No elementary school students were as enthusiastic as I was. We went for 4 years with love, liking and great enthusiasm, ”said Zeliha.

Let `s note that, Zeliha spent her second year as a teacher on a system called the University of Renewal. People over the age of 60 all over the world social to include out snowThe Renewal University project, which aims at glass, is 5 years old that, It operates in Turkey.

Project theory and applied courses, laboratory works, seminars and consists of a 4-year adult education model consisting of classes. The goal is active in people over 60 years of age and to promote positive aging. (Azvision)


Azerbaijan news

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