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Instead of admitting his mistake, the ARB presenter insulted everyone

“There are so many narrow-minded people,” he said that, who understands the word in reverse, who does not understand the essence and demagogue ”.

This was stated by Zumrud Badalova, the granddaughter of Ahmad Javad, in the program hosted by her yesterday Anar In a conversation with Akhundzadeh, he said in response to those who accused him of illiteracy.

“It simply came to our notice then. How I laugh at you. There was a gap, a little head snowyou work When you have time, watch the beginning of the movie, they have never been an ax in life. I like it, I will take you out of trauma, it’s a reward, “the host said.

Recall that, last day ARB TV channelAhmad Javad’s grandson to the “Khabar-eter” program aired on Anar Akhundzade joined. With a question asked by the presenter during the program social has become an object of criticism in the network. So. that, presenter, to A. Akhundzadeh “Have you seen your grandfather?” addressed the question. The interviewee replied, “My grandfather was shot in ’37.” (Qafqazinfo)


Azerbaijan news

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