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Narrow clothes, breast augmentation, false eyelashes “document”


In Turkmenistan, women are not allowed to wear “tight” clothes, dye their hair, wear artificial nails or eyelashes. Traffic police forbid male drivers to put women who have no relatives in the car. The ban is reminiscent of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. In addition, women are not allowed to sit next to drivers.

Other bans are related to cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation, lip filling, and eyebrow correction are prohibited. All this was very popular among young Turkmen women.

Dozens of women have been fired in recent weeks for allegedly undergoing breast implants or lip fillings.

These unofficial restrictions came into force this month – a new one on March 12 president Sardar Berdimuhamedov after taking his father’s place.

Police in public places and conducts unprecedented raids on offices, lashes, nails police leads to departments. This was stated by numerous witnesses in the capital Ashgabat.


According to a resident according toremoving beauty accessories from women, 140 dollars was ordered to pay a fine. This is half the average monthly salary of a Turkmen.

Police Employees keep women on the streets, on public transport, and check whether their lips are filled with cosmetics.

Several people in the Balkans told the radio that, women are not allowed to sit next to drivers in taxis or private cars. It is unknown whether this rule applies in other parts of the country. Drivers with women in the front seat, even if they are family members, will have to pay a fine of up to $ 2,000.

After 8 pm, drivers are not allowed to take female passengers to the car, regardless of kinship.

Women are not allowed to drive in Turkmenistan, with a few exceptions. Although the government has not issued an official ban, it makes it difficult for women to obtain and renew a driver’s license.

The document is not displayed

There has been no official statement or explanation regarding the latest bans. According to office workers according to, government, company managers discuss new rules in special meetings. However, they do not show any documents on the ban.

Similar restrictions have been in place in the past, but have not been so severe. In predominantly Muslim Turkmenistan, women are encouraged to wear traditional clothing. Traditional clothing is the main form of women’s clothing in the workplace, at official meetings and public events.

Although some women dress in a western style, sportswear or mini-skirts, shorts, sleeveless, open-breasted blouses are not common.

The new rules also prohibit blue jeans and tight-fitting clothes. A woman from the city of Mary told the radio according toOn April 27, police took to the streets to detain women wearing jeans.

“The police took pictures of them, drew up a report and forced the women to pay fines,” she said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Similar incidents occurred in Ashgabat, as well as in Lebap and It is reported to have taken place in the Balkan provinces.


Women working in the public sector have been instructed that, follow the rules not only in the workplace, but also in other public places. In addition, they signed an undertaking to be fired if they did not comply with the restrictions. Those who did not sign were expelled from the companies.

According to several sources in Ashgabat according toat least in recent weeks 20 The female flight attendant was fired for allegedly using Botox and lip fillers. It is reported that about 50 women workers were fired from the railway service for a similar reason.

RFE / RL could not be reached for comment.

Dozens of beauty salons have already received warnings from the police about “forbidden” procedures and is reported to be closed.

The last drop?

In Turkmenistan, open criticism of government policies and protests are unprecedented. Opponents are either arrested or taken to psychiatric hospitals.

However, some activists say the latest restrictions could overwhelm the people’s patience. Already the population is right and was not satisfied with the suffocation of their liberties. On the other hand, the long-running financial crisis has led to chronic food shortages, unemployment, inflation rose.

“New president hated women. There is no gender equality in Turkmenistan anymore, ”a woman from the Balkans told the radio. Several women told the government that they had already gathered around their throats snowdid not rule out mass protests.

“Turkmen women are not happy with these bans at all. Earlier to the government snowEven those who do not support the activists are now beginning to protest, ”said Dursoltan Tagayeva, a prominent Turkmen activist living in exile in Turkey.

Meanwhile, an unprecedented incident took place in Ashgabat, where two women refused to pay the fine and started a heated argument with a police officer. Witnesses to their eyelashes according to He is said to have been detained on April 27.

“The women demanded from the police that, show a copy of the document banning fake Cyprus, ”the witness said. (Radio Liberty)

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