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Neuralink’s rival is launching tests of brain implants on humans in the United States

Elon Muskof Neuralink which is a competitor to the project Synchron According to the company, those who have a brain implant will be able to control the computer through the power of thought. The company’s new brain implant Stentrode got the name. This implant receives brain signals and transmits them to a receiver located under the skin in the patient’s chest. The brain signal is then transmitted from the receiver to the computer and as a result, the patient is able to control the computer through the power of thought. The company announced that, he is launching his first implant in humans in the United States. Thus, the company’s implant called Stentrode will be integrated into 6 paralyzed patients. Synchron is sure that, paralyzed people through his brain implant control the computer through the power of thought to send text messages, e-mails to other people and they will even be able to shop online. A brain implant called a stentrode nitinol has a frame made of alloy called. This, titanium and nickel is an alloy.

The frame, which has a brain implant, in turn is equipped with electrodes that can receive neural signals from the brain. The implant in question is in the brain of the motor cortex (planning and management of voluntary actions and the part responsible for its implementation) can be integrated into the blood vessel located below. A small incision must be made in the patient’s neck to place the implant. The operation is similar to the placement of a stent in a coronary artery. Thus, after the implant is placed in the blood vessel, the electrodes are pressed against the walls of the vessel and they begin to receive neural signals from the brain. These received signals are then transmitted to a receiving device located under the skin in the patient’s chest.

In the end, the receiver transmits brain signals to the computer. In this method, the patient uses a virtual keyboard displayed on the computer screen and or you can control the mouse sign. It should be noted that, this will not be the first test of a Stentrode implant in the world. The implant will simply be tested for the first time in the United States. Earlier, the implant was tested on four patients from Australia. It became known as a result of those tests that, this technology is safe and it has no side effects. And that is the most important thing that, Those who received the brain implant were able to control the computer through the power of thought. Synchron is the first company to test brain implants on humans. Its rival, Neuralink, is still testing that, performed on animals.

Azerbaijan news

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