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Scientists show how black hole sounds (VIDEO)

Scientists 20Since 03 Perseus located at the center of a group of galaxies black hole observe. That is why the black hole is so popular that, it emits pressure waves and these pressure waves can then be converted into ordinary sounds. Some time ago NASAUsing this method, scientists from have demonstrated how a black hole sounds. The waves emitted by the black hole turn into a note that, that note is the first octave “do”Is approximately 57 octaves lower. The human ear can clearly hear that note. That’s it according to notes also obtained sonication process (method of converting astronomical data into sounds) have been strengthened and this allows you to listen to how the black hole sounds.

In addition, the report said that, The new sonication method differs from the previous analogues. So. that, this time scientists from NASA Chandra used real sound waves obtained through an X-ray observatory called It is based on the well-known fact that there is no sound in space that, Most of the space is in a vacuum. Vacuum conditions are not ideal for the propagation of sound waves. However, in groups of galaxies in large quantities gas exists. Those gas hundreds in turn and it even covers thousands of galaxies. Due to this coverage, ideal conditions are created for the propagation of sound waves.

Azerbaijan news

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