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Google, Apple, Microsoft will provide unencrypted access on all major platforms

Apple, Microsoft and Google companies have announced plans to implement password-free authentication on both mobile and browser versions of their platforms next year. In other words, an unencrypted authentication method Android, iOS, Windows and macOS with operating systems Chrome, Edge and Safari will be supported in browsers. Google said that, In this case, the mobile phone will act as the main means of authentication. Through it in user applications, sites and will be able to access their accounts in any other digital services. To do this, you will need to unlock your mobile phone using one of the available methods. That’s it PIN enter the code, describe the graphic password and or the use of biometric scanning. After using one of these methods, the whole process remains on the phone and the cryptographic token used in the service to be entered and or perform the key.

According to the representatives of the supporters of this initiative and or the ability to access another system via a physical device not only simplifies the process performed by the user, but also provides additional security of the information he has. Thus different passwords used in different services and ya unit there will be no need to remember a password. This and or the ability to access another system via a physical device as well as the remote hacking process and or phishing attacks will complicate the work of hackers. Vice President of Security at Microsoft Vasu JakkalAccording to APA, the main advantage of this new initiative is its cross-platform is in the presence of.

So. that, for example the user is running through Windows Google Chrome to the browser Apple can be accessed using the access key on the device. And this FIDO was made possible by the use of a standard called. This standard provides unencrypted authentication using public cryptographic keys. This and or a unique key designed to access another system will be available on the phone. When the phone is unlocked, the key will be sent to the website for access. It should be noted that, Earlier, some services offered an authentication method using the FIDO standard. However, these services required the user to enter the required password on the first login. This new initiative will allow you to cancel any password even at the first login.

Azerbaijan news

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