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“Karabakh has no political and military ties with Armenia”


“Internal in Armenia political It is clear that Russia has a direct hand in the tension. ” reports that, The statement came from chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia Arman Babajanyan.

According to him according tothose who aggravated the situation did not imagine that it could last long.

Babacanyan noted that, Russia is in an awkward position.

“We are doing a homework to prepare for the post-Ukraine conflict. We are putting airbags on the foundation of our state that, Let’s not pay for the changes with statehood, “the Armenian party chairman said.

Babacanyan claimed that, Today, Karabakh (the so-called organization – re0d.) has nothing to do with Armenia political and or have no military connection.

He added that, Armenia in 1999 parliamententering with a weapon deputiesNairi Hunanyan names: “Nairi Hunanyan gave names, most of them today France is in the square. ” (

Azerbaijan news

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