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Russia’s high-precision ammunition has been significantly depleted


“At the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine Russia download high-precision blows and openly promoted the ability to limit side effects. In that propaganda Ukraine The cities will be safe from bombings.

Great to do it Britain The Defense Ministry said based on intelligence.

“However, Russia’s high-precision ammunition stockpile is likely to fall short of the pre-war expectations,” he said. that, significantly depleted.

This situation is easily achievable, but obsolete, less reliable, less accurate and forced the use of more easily neutralized ammunition. Russia, probably that, it will be difficult to replace the high-precision weapons it has already exhausted.

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has exposed its shortcomings in its ability to deliver large-scale high-precision strikes. Russia A settlement in Ukraine and intensive without taking into account the losses among the civilian population of the cities and “It bombed without distinction between military and civilian infrastructure,” the statement said.

Azerbaijan news

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