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Apple has announced that it will stop production of the 7th generation iPod Touch

Apple company iPod Touch announced the suspension of production of the player. Thus, the player will remain on sale until the end of the reserve models. It should be noted that, iPod Touch Apple remained the latest model in the company’s series of portable music player devices. After announcing the suspension of production of iPod Touch Apple said that, The spirit of the iPod iPhone, iPad and HomePod Mini will live forever on music players like. The cessation of production of the iPod Touch means the end of an entire era. The first iPod model was introduced 21 years ago. FireWire The first model with an interface was simply a compact music player.

Apple has released iPod-only music models until 2017. But in 2017 iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle production of models was stopped. Although the iPod Touch is considered by many to be a classic music player, it has also gained great popularity among users who want to gain experience using the iPhone. We are talking about users who want to experience the iPhone without the need for it. The iPod Touch made it possible to experience this experience. 7th generation iPod Touch in 2019 iPhone 7 was presented along with the series.

The 6th generation iPod Touch was introduced in 2015. As a result, the company announced the suspension of production of the 7th generation iPod Touch. Everyone knew that, The era of music players is over. Most people do not want to carry a second device that combines the functions that a smartphone can perform. Being one of the creators of the first iPod model Tony Fadell said that, the iPod team knew when it was time that, iPhone smartphones will eventually take over the functions of music players and leave them behind.

Azerbaijan news

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