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Opening of 7 villages of Gazakh and Kerki from Khalaf Khalafov: “It will be solved”


“7 villages of Gazakh, Karki and other issues must be addressed in the context of delimitation. ”

The statement came from Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov.

“These territories are the territory of Azerbaijan. That the transfer of these lands to the control of Azerbaijan requires a delimitation process according to will be considered in this context. These issues will be discussed and resolved, “Khalafov added.

Khalaf Khalafov also said that that, There is such confidence after the meeting in Brussels that, The Armenian side agreed to the process of the peace agreement, as well as delimitation. O that, As for Armenia’s acceptance of our 5 principles, if we are talking about peace talks, this process should be based on 5 points.

“We are of that opinion that, It is not advisable to start the process under any circumstances, it means to disrupt the process.

The Armenian side did it snowdid not show a position. Although that, There are certain protests in Armenia, the opposition protest However, the Armenian government has not given up on this process. O that, The activities of the working groups in connection with the opening of communications, the activities of the working groups continue at the level of Deputy Prime Ministers.

To start peace talks political will, goodwill, commitment to the peace process is required. Azerbaijan has set a peace agenda and insists on this issue and supports efforts in this direction. Azerbaijan believes that, The war is over, the conflict is over, and territorial integrity has been restored. All subsequent processes must continue on this basis. Azerbaijan and Peace between Armenia and snow“Peace must be established in a spirit of mutual understanding,” he added.

Azerbaijan news

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