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Testing of NFT tokens on Instagram will start in the coming days

According to insiders, this week Instagram inside NFT token support test will be launched. It should be noted that, NFT tokens are usually unique digital art and Used to verify the authenticity of collection objects. Withdrawal of NFT tokens currently in the wallet of a limited number of users from the US and or use supported wallets to share images related to them on Instagram accounts. According to the information, as part of the test of a new feature within Instagram, users will be able to broadcast NFTs for free by connecting individual cryptocurrency wallets to their Instagram accounts. It was noted in the report that, Already on Instagram Polygon and Ethereum whom blockchain technology support has been implemented.

And in the near future Flow and Solana Supports for other blockchain technologies such as When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, users have access to their Instagram accounts Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Dapper and Phantom can add wallets such as. “In the near future, we FacebookWe will use the opportunity to collect collections of digital items in In addition, we provide users with individual digital collection items Instagram Storiesin AR We will also offer the opportunity to share in the format of stickers. As a result, the benefits of this technology will be available to content creators and collectors. ” Meta A representative of the company said. It should be noted that, In the near future, users will also have a software product from Meta Spark AR Studio with NFT tokens with AR elements over snowwill be able to communicate.

Azerbaijan news

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