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The Hubble Space Telescope has obtained a photo showing the results of a powerful space explosion

Hubble A photo taken by a space telescope shows the results of a very powerful space explosion. Conversation, supernova (another name extreme new star) left as a result of the explosion DEM L249 goes from a residue called. According to astronomers, this la there was an explosion of a kind of supernova. Explosion of this type of supernova white dwarf star (cooling star) occurs at the last moment of the life cycle. Although white dwarf stars are considered stable stars, they are in the binary star system absorb the substance of their partner star when located. The absorbed substance accumulates to a certain extent and The result is a very powerful explosion of a kind of supernova.

It should be noted that, These types of stars belong to the subcategory of supernovae. As a result of such an explosion, a large amount of matter is released into space and resulting in an object-like residue called DEM L249. Remains of a supernova explosion called DEM L249 Masa located in the constellation called. The constellation contains 24 stars. Within the boundaries of this tower Milk The way acting as a satellite of the galaxy Great Magellan cloud of a galaxy called (dwarf galaxy) is located in part. The Great Magellanic Cloud Milk The way approximately from the galaxy 160,000 light-years located at a distance.

The Great Magellanic Cloud:

Scientists obtained a photo of the remains of a supernova as part of a search for partner stars that acted as satellites of white dwarf stars that eventually became supernovae. This search was carried out on the galaxy of the Great Magellanic Cloud. So. that, the formation and evolution of stars in the galaxy in question and it is easier to observe their destruction. That is why scientists are so interested in the galaxy that, o, Milk The way is relatively close to the galaxy and it contains a small amount of interstellar dust. This, in turn, simplifies the observation of objects in this galaxy.

Azerbaijan news

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